ANTA Membership – ANTA Singapore

Points Accumulation

Members purchasing products at ANTA’s designated sales channels (Offline Stores and Online Store  in Singapore) and completing successful transactions can earn corresponding points according to the points benefits rules. 

Actual payment amount refers to the amount actually paid through cash, bank card, online/mobile payment, etc. Successful transaction refers to no returns due to any issues (including quality issues, etc., not caused by the customer). 

Points will be credited within 3-5 mins of the purchase for transactions from Offline Stores, and upon shipping of the purchase from the warehouse for the Online Store  

*Although the above rules apply, members will not accumulate spending amounts and transactions, nor will they receive corresponding points in the following situations: 

  • Purchases made at non-designated channels eg. E-commerce channels like Shopee, Lazada, TikTok Shop Distributors 
  • Promotional activity gifts and giveaways 
  • Staff purchases 
  • Purchases from re-sellers 
  • Unsuccessful purchases or returned orders. In the case of returned orders, points from the returned purchase will be deducted.
  • Purchases from abnormal accounts eg. Duplicate accounts 
  • Special events where specific rules apply 
  • Purchases from individuals other than the member, if the member is not present.

Points Redemption and Usage 

Points expire 1 year from the date they were generated. Members can check their points details in the member’s portal. The Members’ Portal will include membership level, No. of points accumulated and Purchase History. 

Note: Member benefits (including points) are for personal use only and cannot be transferred, assigned, or gifted to third parties. They are also non-transferable, non-inheritable, and non-redeemable (except as provided in these regulations). Points cannot be refunded or reimbursed.  

Points cannot be utilised at ANTA Outlets


Q. Will my ANTA membership points be transferred over to the new ANTA membership portal?

Yes, your ANTA membership points will be migrated and reflected in the new Membership Portal. 

Q. Can I still accumulate and redeem my membership points anymore?

In Phase One of this Membership Portal update, you are still able to accumulate ANTA Points when you shop across ANTA stores. As points exchange and redemption are not available in Phase one till further notice, you are encouraged to utilise your ANTA Points in-store till 28 April 2024. 

Q. Will I still have a member discount?

Your membership discount will be revised according to the updated the Membership Tiers and Benefits. Please refer to the table above.